Family Accompaniment through ‘Projecte Germans’

The Projecte Germans is a family accompaniment initiative which consists in preparing and accompanying siblings of newborns in the Neonatology ICU during visits.

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Newborns admitted in the Neonatology units may present a great variety of clinical situations arising from their immaturity and, sometimes, from pathologies which make them require special care; in these situations, despite the fact that they must be placed in incubators, connected to various machines or receiving special care, direct contact with their families continues to be very important.
The project consists of implementing workshops which allow to approach this reality through play, such as playing doctors and nurses and to care for and heal newborns. Through this symbolic play, they get ready to know their new sibling who is being cared for in an unusual place, to handle the devices to which the newborn is connected and to understand why they are admitted in the ICU. Sessions take place once a week in the Hospital's CiberAula (CiberClassroom), a recreational and child-friendly environment.
The project adheres to the NIDCAP (Neonatal Individualized Development Care and Assessment Program) philosophy of development-centred care, which attempts to prevent the potentially harmful effects that neonatal ICUs may have on a developing brain, to reduce parental stress and to improve the interaction between parents and newborns in order to contribute to their better development.
Source of information: El Projecte Germans [Internet]. Catalunya [query performed on September 09, 2018]. Available at: 


-       To accompany the siblings of admitted newborns.


Customer satisfaction. The project contributes to family union.

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