Pre-employment Service for Persons with Mental Illness

The objective of the programme is the insertion of persons with mental illness into the workforce through training. The new service, located in the Hospital de Figueres, is open with 15 places and is managed by Fundació Drissa, a non-profit organisation which soon plans to open another such space in the La Selva region.

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The Hospital de Figueres opens the first pre-employment service for persons with mental illness in the region. The project, subsidised by the Departament de Treball, is aided through 140,000 Euro from the FEDER fund, 70,000 Euro from the Diputació de Girona and 80,000 Euro from the Fundació Salut Empordà. The service's framework is the line of support to training and talent of the ‘Pol de Salut’ project of the foundation which manages the hospital.
Its objective is to train and insert this vulnerable group and prepare them to enter the labour force. The service will have 15 places and a programme structured in five large areas: environment, labour-related risks, innovation and information technologies, quality, equality and respect in the workplace.
The Fundació Drissa, in charge of its management, will contribute its over 15 years’ experience working in this service in Girona, where it has already assisted 600 people and has obtained 84 jobs.

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L'hospital de Figueres estrena un servei prelaboral per a persones amb malaltia mental. Diari de Girona [Internet]. November 29, 2017 [query performed on August 29, 2018]; [approx. 2 screens]. Available at:



-       To train and insert persons with mental illness in the labour market.
-       To contribute to the training of this group.
-       To contribute to the improvement of the community quality of life.


Teams trained. To train and insert persons with mental illness into the labour market

Greater brand reputation. Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes

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Over €100,000

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Departament de Treball

Generalitat de Cataluña

Published on*** 8 Sep 2018


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