Ments Despertes (Awake Minds), a training programme created by people who suffer from a mental illness

Ments Despertes is a training programme conducted by people who suffer from some kind of mental illness, aimed at students of ESO, high school, vocational training and adult education centres in the province of Barcelona.

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We have been working with people suffering from mental health problems for over ten years at the Grup Som Via. We believe that education is the ultimate tool for encouraging change on an individual and social level and that, subsequently, it’s the access key to a more inclusive society that offers greater equal opportunities. Ments Despertes is the result of this commitment and experience, a training programme conducted by people with mental health problems, aimed at students of ESO, High School, Vocational Training and adult education centres in the province of Barcelona. The programme is implemented in four main ways:

1. A chat at the education centre.
 2. A plan of activities and complementary actions for teachers to work with in the classroom.
 3. An organised visit to a mental health institution.
 4. An education cycle for people with mental health problems interested in participating in the programme as speakers.

The objective is to destigmatise mental illness through education in order to avoid the isolation and exclusion of people suffering from it and to favour social integration on all levels, that is, for them to be able to access jobs in a normal manner, relate to others, find a partner and lead a full and satisfactory life.

Source of information:
Grup Som Via: Ments Despertes, mira amb uns altres ulls [Internet]. Catalonia, [consulted on the 28th of August, 2018]. Available at 



-       To make young people aware of the consequences of consuming toxic substances.
-       To normalise mental illnesses: to make students aware of the reality of mental illness so that they can understand it and also understand and respect those who are suffering from mental illness. To raise awareness about the programme at a community level.
-       To promote good habits: to encourage healthy habits in the students at the different education centres, and reflection on unsafe behaviour like taking drugs.
-       To encourage people with mental illnesses to engage with the community: to train them and involve them in community service actions with the aim of improving their self-esteem and favouring their integration, empowerment and social acceptance.


Customer satisfaction. It reaches society as a whole, both patients and general society. It contributes to educating society.

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