The patient’s experience as a transformation lever for the organisation

To improve the patients’ experience, we need to give them a voice and provide them with services and information. Sant Joan de Déu Hospital focusses on the first part, that is, giving a voice to patients and their relatives. With this aim, spaces where they can express their needs have been created, which will help the health centre to continually improve their processes.

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Different initiatives have been put into practice in an aim to improve patients’ experience. One of these has been to give a voice to the patient associations via a space that allows them to “access the hospital” to improve it. Likewise, through the Youth Council, which was created in 2010, a voice has been given to girls and boys who are or have been patients at the hospital. This way, and through surveys, focus groups, etc., the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital detects patients’ needs and the critical factors of their experience at the centre. Once said needs have been identified and following a methodology known as “Design Thinking”, new ideas for changing the processes are generated taking into account the patients’ input. This way, the patients’ experience becomes a transformation lever for the organisation. Proof of this is the UCI 24 horas (24/7 ICU) or the Hospital sin dolor (Painless Hospital) programme, two enhancement projects that have been implemented thanks to this initiative.
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Consorcio de Salud y Social de Cataluña: Escuchar y dar voz a los pacientes, claves para mejorar su experiencia [Internet]. Catalonia, 21st of April, 2017 [consulted on the 4th of September, 2018]. Available at 


-       To understand patients’ needs.
-       To improve their experience.
-       To improve internal processes.


Customer satisfaction. The patient is listened to in order to meet their requirements and subsequently improve their experience at the centre.

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