Exercise Programme to Prevent Breast Cancer Relapse

A programme of specific exercises has been designed for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Each group of former patients may attend classes for a three-month period, twice a week.

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After analysing surveys completed by a group of former patients who had undergone breast cancer surgery and demanded not only to receive general recommendations but also to take an active role in their recovery, and considering the results of various studies showing that the number of relapses is reduced whenever physical activity is increased, the hospital decided to get involved and develop a physical exercise and healthy habit programme specifically directed at former patients who had undergone breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and who, following medical discharge, feel that their bodies are not yet healed.
The objective of the exercises in the programme is to improve musculature, elasticity and strength in arms and legs, as well as to dissolve tensions in the operated and radiated tissues and favour weight loss and redistribution of body fat. Additionally, physical activity favours the production of endorphins, which remarkably helps to improve the state of mind.
In order to finance the programme, which is not integrated within the service portfolio of the public health system, Fundació Amics de l’Hospital del Mar partnered with Fundació Claror, which manages several municipal sports centres as well as some of their own, one of which is very close to the hospital. Thanks to this partnership, the centre may offer their former breast cancer patients two weekly exercise sessions for three months.
For a few years now, several Catalan hospitals have participated in the Predicop, a study coordinated by the Institut Català d’Oncologia (ICO), which evaluates the impact of active weight control—through diet and exercise—in reducing relapse in patients treated for breast cancer.
Source of information:
Macpherson, A. (December 9, 2018). Ejercicio antirrecaídas de cáncer de mama. La Vanguardia. Obtained from:


  • To cover the needs expressed by the group of breast cancer patients.
  • To promote the active participation of operated former patients in their recovery.
  • To avoid relapse.


Customer satisfaction. Reduces the risk of relapse. Also, it improves the former patients’ state of mind, since it allows them to share the activity with people who understand them, as well as to enjoy their achievements, to have more energy, a body in good shape... It helps them to speak more freely about the subject.

Increase in quality. Patients have a very positive view of the additional service offered.

Greater brand reputation. Since the opinion of the former patients has been taken into consideration and solutions have been offered for their needs.

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Fundació Claror

Catalan private non-profit institution which promotes sports, health and leisure.

Published on*** 31 Dec 2018


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